Care Diagnostic Center


Care Diagnostic Centre is a fully automated and computerized pathology laboratory with the latest and most modern equipment available today, dedicated to comprehensive, high quality , rapid-response laboratory testing at affordable prices. Care Diagnostic Centre is providing Diagnostic services since 2012.

Care Diagnostic Centre is today's most respected diagnostic service provider. The lab is well equipped with all the modern testing instruments and is also manned by well trained and qualified laboratory technicians. Rigorous Internal Quality Control Programs are conducted regularly to ensure highest standards of quality.

Care Diagnostic Centre is a clinical laboratory facility with an expansive menu of testing services: Clinical, Anatomic, Pathology, Biochemistry, Immunology, and Molecular testing. We also provide diagnostic procedures such as Fine needle aspiration, Pulmonary function testing, EKG, Stress tests, Echocardiography and are in the process of adding Radiology, DEXA, and Mammography. Utilising the most advanced technologies, Care Diagnostic Centre places the need of each individual patient first. Our commitment to quality, accuracy, and efficiency makes us a respected choice for quality clinical diagnostics.


  • Biochemistry..
  • Microbiology.
  • Histopathology.
  • Harmones.
  • Cancer Markers.
  • Genetics.

Home collection facilities also available