Obstetric Doppler


Assessment of fetal growth and well being in the third trimester, which routinely includes Doppler assessment of Middle Cerebral artery, Umbilical artery, Fetal venous return and maternal uterine arteries to assess any compromise in feto-placental and materno-placental circulations.

In general, Doppler scans look at the blood flow between you and your baby, to check whether he’s getting everything he needs to develop healthily

Uterine artery Doppler scans

Uterine arteries are the vessels which carry blood to your womb (uterus). A uterine artery Doppler scan checks that enough blood is reaching your placenta.
Your baby needs plenty of nutrients and oxygen to grow at a healthy rate. Therefore, the walls of your uterine arteries should be stretchy, to allow as much blood through as possible. In pregnancy, these normally small arteries increase in size to allow more blood to reach your womb easily. This is called low resistance. If blood can’t get through to the placenta easily enough, your baby may not get the nutrients and oxygen he needs via the umbilical cord. Factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, hormone levels, and certain medications may increase the resistance in your artery walls.

Obstetric Doppler

Maternal conditions

   Diabetes mellitus

   Chronic kidney disease.


   Prothrombotic states.

Pregnancy related conditions

   Suspected IUGR.

   Previous pregnancy with IUGR or fetal death in utero.

   Decreased fetal movement.



    Multifetal pregnancy.